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Anchorage's Best Residential Home Rehab and Remodel Solution.

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Our Mission

CJM Properties LLC has been established to purchase, improve, and sell damaged or neglected residential properties in the Anchorage, AK area. Through these improvements, we provide upgraded and comfortable homes for residents, as well as increased property values in neighborhoods. We are actively looking for distressed properties to purchase and renovate and are willing to work with homeowners who, for any reason, have fallen behind in either payments or the ability to maintain their homes. We purchase properties with cash and will buy properties “as-is”, even paying some, or all, of the closing costs to facilitate the sale. We are the home rehab and remodel solution for Anchorage, AK.

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Property Foreclosures

Banks do not have a conscience and are unable to bend due to unexpected circumstances in a person’s life. Unfortunately, those circumstances often result in an inability pay the mortgage, leaving the bank no option but to foreclose on the home. We will work with the homeowner to purchase their home, allowing them to capture the equity from their home and keep their credit rating intact.

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Neglected Properties

Sometimes a homeowner does not have the ability or means to maintain a home and it falls into disrepair. They are unable to sell the property due to the inability to complete repairs required to pass a buyer’s home inspection. We pay cash for homes and will buy “as-is” to allow the homeowner to sell the home without paying for expensive repairs and improvements.


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